Strategies for Paying off Unexpected Bills

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Strategies for Paying off Unexpected Bills

Having an unexpected expense pop up when money is already tight can feel like the worst thing in the world. Trying to pay everything when your check just doesn't stretch far enough is a huge burden, and the additional pressure can make it even more difficult to be productive and raise the money that you need. When you're in this situation, what you need is a quick cash infusion to help relieve that pressure. There are a lot of ways to come up with quick cash, from payday loans to pawn shops to credit card cash advances. This blog will focus on helping you find ways to get the cash that you need fast so that you can keep your life on track.

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4 Seemingly Odd Pieces To Look For Gold In At Estate Sales

Whether you recycle scrap precious metals for a living or you are simply looking for gold to exchange for extra cash, you probably spend a lot of time scouring places like estate sales for those hidden treasures in the form of jewelry and coins. However, the hunt for gold is not always so cut and dry. In fact, gold can be found in far more places than most gold hunters actually realize. Before you head out to your next estate sale in search of the yellow good stuff, check out this short list of seemingly odd pieces that can contain gold. 

Eyeglasses - If you run across a box of old eyeglasses at an estate sale, you will probably just pass right over it. However, if it is gold you're looking to find, this box of spectacles is worth a second look. It is not uncommon for some high-end eyeglasses to contain real gold parts and components. Even some antique frames are made of solid gold. 

Award Medals - You go to an estate sale and find several antique medals that were given to someone for winning some type of competition. It is often assumed that these medals are just made of low-grade materials and are mostly for show. Yet, some of them do actually contain real gold. Even if the whole medal is not made of gold, look for golden inlays and plating, which can also be of value. 

Clothing - Years ago, clothing crafted for people of importance often made use of some highly valuable materials. You can find antique clothing pieces woven from fine silk, decked out with actual gemstones, and yes, even containing gold. If you come across a piece of antique clothing that seems to be upscale or of importance, give it a good looking over. You may find that it is outfitted with solid gold buttons or even sewn together at points with actual golden thread. 

Dental Crowns - It is still just as much a thing to get gold crowns and caps as it has been in the past, but this is not necessarily something most people look for at an estate sale. Many families have these gold pieces removed from their loved ones when they pass away and sometimes, the funeral home requires it before burial. This means you may find an odd piece of dental gold tucked away on a keepsake or jewelry box.